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"Your dimples are so cute! Can I touch them?"

Simple Dimples

“Your dimples are so cute! Can I touch them?” Throughout my life, strangers would give me kind compliments that would turn into awkward requests. Every single day, I would look in the mirror and feel so insecure inside. I didn’t think my dimples were desirable; honestly, I thought they were my most “ugly” characteristics. These beliefs made me more vulnerable. I became self-absorbed with outward appearance: my nose, my eyes, and my smile.

Shallow and vain, I remember always covered my mouth when I laughed. Why did I have to have the dimples? It wasn’t until my mother confronted me on my obvious cover-up. When I look back at that time, I can only see how much I offended her. Consequently, I felt guilty and remorseful due to my actions. I wasn’t just covering up part of my face, but I made it seem like I was ashamed to look like my mom.

Rather than asking why I had dimples, I should have been asking myself, “why do I hate my dimples?” The older I got, the more I cherished the dimples I inherited from my mom. Little by little, I became less consumed with my outward appearance and the more I focused on loving myself. These simple dimples were once the embodiment of my insecurities, but they became my most treasured and memorable qualities.

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