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my angel & my demon


the hopefull one, breathing life into my senseless body as i stare into the black void of existentialism; unable to move, no pulse.

the destructive one, she who wrecks my body until she can't push anymore then leaves me alone with all the damage she's done; hollow.

she finds beauty in everything, even when reality is ugly. her love for the world is overwhelming sometimes as she embraces the darkness with open arms

she scares away the people i love the most with explosions of anger and words that are meant to kill spirits

she needs others more than herself; for she's afraid to be left alone with her thoughts.

she craves love, needs it to keep the fire burning inside; does not care about being used, anything for a sign that i'm still alive

for she is god; she can create life with her mind and my hands. the worlds she creates are romantic and tragic, a twisted reality from her point of view.

she will never let me fall in love too deeply because she's too scared. when people come too close, she'll hide away until they give up on her. then she'll claim that they never loved me at all.

she's overconfident, reckless, careless, impulsive, spontaneous, daring, unresponsible; and she's always smiling.

she can stare into nothing for hours with a numb mind. she is always sad always empty always angry at the world she cannot commit for she feels no love for the light.

she is me i am her and sometimes i scare myself

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