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A collection of poems and thoughts.

pieces of my heart.

I don't want you to go because when you do I'm left with more of me and less of you.

It began with a smile stuttering heartbeats soft lips and where fingertips meet

my soul is a garden abandoned and overgrown little did I know that you have a green thumb trimming my edges pulling the weeds you planted seeds of rosemary and thyme love is spring and now I'm in bloom

you were the moon and i was the sun i wanted to warm your cold heart and give you all my light you are night and i am day all i want is to take your pain away

love is a galaxy vast in space bright with stars cold with grace it is endless timeless stretching as far as the eye can see I'd paint your heart in the constellations so dear, would you travel the universe with me?

they say your body is a temple worship it cherish it so why is my body a prison? trapped in a skin i don't want locked in a cage I can't escape I don't want to be a bird with broken wings all i want is to fly away

that girl, with eyes like fire a smile frigid as ice she's alive but dead behind the eyes you're caught between her hips a cigarette on her lips she's a fucking disaster with no where to turn a ticking time bomb but you want to burn.

I'm so tired of this feeling left caught and reeling disaster is my reality as far as these eyes can see stuck in this place an angel fallen from grace these wings are broken withering you're a snake in the garden of Eden slithering take a bite from my heart don't you see I'm falling apart

breathe in the gasoline set fire to my lungs chewing on glass my lips bleed red what a fucking travesty baby won't you burn with me?

Breathe me in I'll be your ecstasy pass that bottle your lips taste of Hennessy cold metal on your skin shoot me up I'll be your heroin fight all you want but you'll never win because I'll always be your greatest addiction

your lips were the sweetest thing my soul has ever tasted

A penny for your thoughts? Nah, I'll give you a dime fuck it I'd give you a million dollars just to know what's on your mind

the devil calls my name his voice so sweet tempting me with eternal sleep a blade so cold it cuts like ice he smiles he has me he knows I'm enticed from this pain i weep crystal and crimson and i fall into darkness forever asleep

you were all that i ever longed for.

the feeling of your lips haunts me to my fingertips.


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