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Just a little introduction of sorts :/

Oh, hey...

It's you again.

Back for more, I see... Well, I'll have to help with that.

If you're new here, allow me to explain: I'm new too :)

I'm also not your typical, everyday writer who's here to shove a book in your face and call it art.

This one that you're looking at now is more of an introduction than it is a book.

If you've given up on me, then go ahead and leave because I'm about to explain some stuff :/

I don't know how to write short stories - (or make the em-dashes to show connection or whatever). But.. I'm trying.

As a heads up, my works may be longer than others, but it'll totally be worth it :D

So, um, thanks for reading? I hope you enjoyed. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm... :D


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