My Girlfriend & I
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A couple's movie night takes a turn for the worst.

My Girlfriend & I

My girlfriend and I get together every Thursday evening, without fail. It’s our special tv and takeaway night - with no distractions whatsoever.

We cuddle up in bed, turn off all the lights, and just escape from the world for the whole night.

This particular Thursday night, we were squeezed in her lumpy, single bed, because we were fortunate enough to have the house to ourselves.

It was approaching 11pm, and we were halfway through the movie ‘Scream’. The room was pitch black, aside from the continuous flickering of the television screen that was illuminating our faces.

“Will you go and make us some coffees, babe?” She asked me. “Course.” I replied, and crawled over her to get out of bed.

I yawned as I jogged down the stairs to the kitchen. Clattering around the dim, messy room, I attempted to find clean mugs to use.

With coffees in hand, I make the journey back to the bedroom. Halfway up the stairs, I heard my girlfriend say, “Thanks babe." from her room.

I froze. I looked through the bannister and saw a man’s shadow on the wall of the bedroom.

Why wasn’t my girlfriend reacting? Why wasn’t she afraid? My heart felt as if it stopped completely. My chest hurt. I was standing still in the dark, watching the shadow of a strange man in my girlfriend’s bedroom.

“You are very welcome.” The man replied. She wasn’t afraid because…

The man was… me. The shadow disappeared, and I heard the creaks of the mattress as he joined my girlfriend in bed.

The film resumed. I remained in the same spot, with my eyes wide like a rabid dog. What should I do? What can I do? I thought to myself as my knuckles slowly burned from the heat of the coffee mugs.

That’s when I heard the noise that I’ll never forget. An unrecognisable, harsh crack.

I stood in the middle of the staircase, in the dark, for a long time after that. I couldn’t tell you how long, but I do know that the coffees went cold. I heard no movement coming from the bedroom.

Maybe they left the room without me seeing? I am pretty tired, I thought. I plucked up the courage to investigate the bedroom. So I placed the coffees down, and shuffled with my back to the wall.

I poked my head around the door frame, and at first all I could see was the credits rolling on the television. Then I saw her. Sat upright on the bed was my girlfriend, right where I left her…

Her head was drooping down. Her chin was resting on her chest. I turned on the light, and outstretched my hand to wake her up.

Her eyes were open. … She was dead.

Vomit shot up my throat, and I puked all over the floor. I anonymously called an ambulance from my car, then got the fuck out of there.

... It’s been 24 hours since I found my dead girlfriend. And it’s been one hour since she started knocking at my front door.

Knock... Knock... Knock It won’t stop until I let it inside.

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