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My cabin

I've decided to choose the cabin number 3. I think that this cabin looks peacefully and mysteriously. This place attracted me at first sight. The cabin, as you can see, nestled back in the off the beaten track overlooking a world, is something that you would dream about. There is a winding trail that takes you back in the woods where the cabin sits.

The cabin sits on the top of a mountain raised up above everything, as if it was sitting on the clouds.

Let's imagine that there is only one day to feed off the nature. What would you do? As for me, I would get up early in the morning to spend the whole day in harmony with nature. First of all, I would walk through the woods, enjoying the singing of birds and fresh air. Living in the city become stifling, there is sense of isolation, but no here. The sense of freedom makes me gleeful.

Living in this place, a lot of people can feel disquieting, because there are horror films about such place. But for me, it’s like a challenge. For example, it is important for me to understand how long I can stretch without a phone, maybe an hour, or maybe a day, who knows. But OK, suppose I don't have a phone.

Sounds like pie in the sky, right? And so is that. But still, add a little fantasy. After a walk in the woods, I would return into my cabin. Taking my favorite book and going to the slope, I would start reading. There is no better place to immerse yourself in a book. So it could be all day.

Before bed, I would again walk through the woods. When I came to my cabin, I lay down on the bed and felt like I feed off the nature. At such moments you can reflect on your life, imagine that you can change it. So, I did not notice how I fell asleep. When I woke up, I realized that it was a dream and now I am in my room, in a city with traffic jam. And I am stuck in a rut.

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