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Our daughter, Sarah, is mute. The cutest kid in the world, with the cutest laughing gesture, but no noises ever come from her mouth. *Sad?
By EricMoralevitz

Mute Girl

by EricMoralevitz

Our daughter, Sarah, is mute. The cutest kid in the world, with the cutest laughing gesture, but no noises ever come from her mouth.


* Absolutely, but my wife and I are so used to it by now, and we never really get blue in the face concerning her silence, because she's always so happy with life,

and we even look up to her for it.

My wife and I thought it'd be nice to get her a new dresser since she's getting older, and could use a few more drawers. We found one, cute and matched her teal and white bedroom.

The thing is though, when I went to move the old one out, on the wall and maybe half a foot tall was a man with his hand open.

Not like a little kid's drawing, but a crystal-clear image, like from a magazine. Just a normal middle aged man in a gray suit with no emotion on his face.

I don't remember ever seeing it before, but the movers had originally put the dresser in her bedroom when we first moved in, so there's really no reason I would've.

I tried scrubbing it with no avail. My wife even thought it bizarre, but since we were going to cover it up with the new dresser, we could just leave it there.

That afternoon my wife and I picked up the new dresser from the furniture store.

When we got home our daughter didn't come to the front door when we called her name, saying we had the new dresser and dinner *to go* from her favorite restaurant.

My wife called her again with no acknowledgement as I trundled the new dresser into the living room on a dolly. Then she screamed and I nearly let the dresser fall forward.

I quickly stood it up and darted toward her voice, which came from Sarah's bedroom.

And standing in the middle of her room was the same man from the wall, in a gray suit. Only now he was lively and looked happy, stretching his back and neck.

My wife had her hands over her mouth with wide eyes staring at the wall. A clear image of Sarah was on the wall in the same spot where the man had been, with her hand opened.

"I *had* to do it," the man said. "And I'm *so* sorry. I've been stuck here forever, and was switched with the person who was stuck here before me."

We looked at him, my fists clenching and not knowing how to respond.

"All you need to do is find somebody that she can speak to and say to them, *Will you free me and take my hand, friend?

* Look, I was tricked too, but *please* understand - I have a family I haven't seen in God knows *how long.* I *promise*, this will work for her, because it worked for me."

My wife teared up and fell to her knees touching the image of our daughter.

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