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Share your tale of survival. Mine:
By Throwaway-05-2017

Memorial Day Survivors Club

by Throwaway-05-2017

Share your tale of survival.


Sold out all 18 auditoriums

Endless concession lines

Equipment failure

Running out of inventory (tomorrow is inventory day so we'll be fine)

Brain dead customers who think WE'RE the brain dead ones

Annoying/useless managers

Concession injuries (burns, scratches, etc)

Understaffed/backed up ushers

Emotional/mental breakdowns

Customers lounging because "it's too hot outside". Stay home. The fuck you doing here? Wanna go out go to the beach.

Kids running around, horse playing, shouting, screaming. Parents don't care.

Lobby/Hallways, Freestyle area and restrooms used as dump yard

Crowds/hallway traffic near/at bar

All this before 5-ish when I managed to escape. I was scheduled 8:30 to 4:30 but there was no way I was leaving at 4:30.

Concession was a nightmare! Worst concession experience since Beauty and the Beast.

The good news? After 10 people quit over the last two months, we finally hired people. Two girls. Two other girls will possibly join us this week. They haven't finalized their paperwork yet.

Hopefully it works out and they don't quit in the next two weeks.

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