Me and my Dad went golfing today.
Me and my Dad went golfing today. stories

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This is our text log: --
By ComeOnSans

Me and my Dad went golfing today.

by ComeOnSans

This is our text log:


Me: Hey, are any of the golf courses open?

Him: I dont know

Him: I will chehk

Him: Checi

Him: Check

Him: Driving range is open at equinox river

Me: Oh awesome can we go?

Him: Yes

Him: When do you want to?

Me: Now is good.

Him: Oi

Him: Ok ill be there in 30 min

Me: Okay, and can you being my gloves?

Him: I think you mean bring haha

Him: Its "bring," is the word your looking for haha

Me: [Screenshot of his previous texting errors]

Me: I think you mean "Check" dad

Me: I think you mean "Ok" dad

Me: I think you mean "You're" dad

Me: Are those the words you're looking for?

Me: Haha


He pulled up in my driveway, tears in his eyes. I got into the car and closed the door. 20 seconds of awkward silence later and he says, "I was just making a joke, Nathan. It was just a joke.

" I could feel my heart sink at that moment.

It has always been hard to apologize to my dad, but this time I forced the words through the mud and replied: "I'm sorry, dad, I-"

"No, I'm sorry. Sometimes, you know, no matter how hard you try or what you do, you just can't get it right. I didn't mean to... belittle you or anything.

" His words were soft, yet teeming with shame.

I looked out of the window to see my dad clearly. "No, you're fine," I said with as much sincerity I could muster.

The rest of the ride was fighting among itself with whether it wanted to be awkward or heartbreaking. It ended up being a good mix of the two.

We went golfing, and it was terrible.

I'm sorry, Dad. I won't hurt you ever again.

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