Love at first sight
Love at first sight uchiha sasuke & uzumaki naruto stories

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A short story by chidori95 adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Love at first sight

After Sasuke was safely rescued from Oruchimaru’s men and Tsunade summoned Itachi in private to tell Sasuke truth. No one knew the details but Sasuke changed a lot. He became nicer.

He smiled sometimes too, just not a smirk but actual genuine smile.

Naruto would always feel a strange fluttering in his stomach. And it was due to his own feelings. When Sasuke left and when they were chasing after sound ninjas.

Naruto realized that how much Sasuke was important for him. How much he was in love with that cold bastard.

Naruto was suffering from his unrequited love . Every time he looked at Sasuke he became more aware of his own feelings.

When Jiraya asked him to leave village with him for training. Naruto accepted. Training with Sasuke was becoming impossible. When Naruto was leaving Sasuke said smiling, “You better train hard.

Or you’ll be left behind” Naruto beamed in answer and left.

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