Knock me off my feet
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Softly, slowly, sweetly
He kissed my cheek
Silence, breath trapped, words lost
I forgot to speak

My sweaty, shaky hands
He placed upon his chest
And my heart raced, stopped, then fluttered
Beneath my breast

I love him deeply, boldly
From the darkest of night to the light of day
And with bated breath,
patiently, quietly I listened for what he’d say

“Here”, he said,
“this my heart is yours to keep”
And louder, faster and harder
my loving heart it beats

“I love you,” he said,”my air, my heart, my soul, my skin”
And on bended knees and upon my finger,
Slowly and gently he placed a ring

I needed a chair, some air,
My knees they felt weak
And as I said yes,
I thought this was what it meant

to knock someone off their feet.

Knock me off my feet

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