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I left the devil’s fleet And I sat with a flock of sheep.
By housewiththereddoor https://housewiththereddo...


by housewiththereddoor

I left the devil’s fleet

And I sat with a flock of sheep.

‘The lord is my shepherd’ they said,

Preaching unity.

But I’d seen what their lord had done.

Under the disguise of piety.

For where else could you consume more blood and lies?

And who else had led more massacre?

I dipped my cloven feet in their water

But I did not burn.

For it was that same water

That drowned a world

Save two of every kind.

I looked up past the alter,

With my blackened eyes,

And I saw that Jesus really did weep,

But it was blood and not tears

That fell upon his marble cheeks.

I sat with the holiest of the holy;

The rapists, the murderers and the politicians,

And I felt a divine relief,

For I had truly found the highest power.

And so not one of them noticed the demon among them,

Because we’re not all that different.

In the end.


I am not ready to receive you,

But only say the word,

And I shall be healed.’

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