I’m Not in the Band by Amber Garza - Advance Review
I’m Not in the Band by Amber Garza - Advance Review b books stories

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Grades:Overall – B Plot – B
By cabookle http://cabookle.tumblr.co...

I’m Not in the Band by Amber Garza - Advance Review

by cabookle

Grades:Overall – B

Plot – B

Character Development – B

Character Romance – A

Cover – A*** This title will

be released on June 12th ***I received a copy of I’m

Not in the Band by Amber Garza from Netgalley in exchange for this honest

review. Thank you Entangled Teen, Amber, and Netgalley for this opportunity!I’m Not in the Band is

sort of told in two POV’s, one that is a full first person prose and one that

is given in Tweets and texts. The prose is Kassidy who opens the book by going

to a concert for a band she doesn’t even like because her older sister wants to

go. The texts/Tweets/facebook posts are Archer, identical twin brother of the

lead singer of the band Kass goes to see.These two run into each other, literally of course, at the

concert and hit it off right away. It just so happens that Kassidy is about to

start at Archer’s school and Archer agrees to show her around. Of course their

friendship, and possible eventual relationship, isn’t easy: they’re both

dealing with other things that get in the way of the deeper connection they

both crave.Now, I’m not going to get into the psychological problems in

this book, but if you’re curious, check out our Twitter for my mini rant. Instead, I’ll focus on the characters and the plot aside

from the psychological mishaps. Kassidy is dealing with the loss of her best

friend. It seems that Kate could have just betrayed her or something because

Kate isn’t made out to be the best person on the planet, but we find out later

that Kate actually passed away. It accounts for a lot of the issues Kass faces

and why she can’t open up to Archer as much. I liked that, in spite of the

misconceptions in psychology, Kass was a deep and well rounded character. I

wish she had developed further but I think the possibility is there. Archer’s big problem is that he is living in the shadow of

his twin brother. Ross is famous and big-headed and Archer may not want the

fame, but it would be nice if his friends actually liked Archer for him rather

than just trying to get to Ross. Meeting Kass he thinks he’s finally found

someone who would like him, but when Kass and Ross meet and have a lot in

common, Archer’s fears keep him from trusting Kassidy’s feelings for him. Archer

was the more developed of the two characters and I think that’s awesome because

we only see him through Kass or texts and social media posts. Despite the characters being well written, the plot could

have used some work. I expected Archer’s resentment of his brother to go deeper

than it did. Plus, the book has an underlying theme of Kass living outside of

Kate’s shadow and part of that was supposed to be making new friends. I wanted

those friendships to be shown in the book because it would have added another

layer to a plot that I found boring and trivial for most of the book.I think this book is better in terms of emotional depth than

most Entangled Teen books tend to be. Plus, the plot was unique and even though

it didn’t develop as fully as I wanted, it was refreshing to see a book that

didn’t have the same plot and characters that I’m used to seeing with this

publisher. If you’re looking for a quick read, this book is for you!Suggested Reading: Mia

and the Bad Boy by Lisa Burstein, and the rest of the Backstage Pass books,

if you like books that take place in the music world!

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