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I lost my Draft Deferment. I hid the holographic identification slip in my wallet.
By sneutrinos https://www.reddit.com/r/...

I Lost My Draft Deferment

by sneutrinos

I lost my Draft Deferment.

I hid the holographic identification slip in my wallet.

"Temporarily Excused From Military Service" read the letters on the holographic slip, below a barcode indicating that this was the genuine article and not another forged ID.

You used to be able to get one of those on the street for ten bucks, but now the government checkpoints can tell if the "Draft Deferment Card" is forged or not.

I hid the slip in my wallet--the wallet in the left pocket of my jacket, the jacket that was carelessly misplaced in some maglev station in Washington, D.C.

I should be more careful with my stuff.

I lost my Draft Deferment Card and I can't apply for another one.

Fuck the war. The only people who support it are ignorant flag-waving patriots. We didn't invade Nigeria and the Congo to "defend our freedoms.

" When radical environmentalists launched the cyberattacks in 2061, President King told us he would "bring the terrorists to justice" and bring down the ecocentrist governments in Africa.

It was just a pretext to remove inconvenient leaders from power and re-open the natural gas, yttrium, uranium, and copper mines across the continent.

Resource corporations put the King administration in power, and they had their little war. And us young American men and women had to fight it.

The military was still an "all-volunteer" force. There were plenty of America-loving brave patriots who signed up after November Horror. But there was still a draft.

With the advances in medical science over the past thirty years, medical teams could quickly perform organ transplants on the battlefield.

A soldier got wounded by an insurgent anti-exoarmor missile or 3D-printed IED?

A robotic surgical squad could get there in two minutes, and do a heart or eye or liver transplant in five minutes flat, with cryogenically frozen organs shipped all the way to Africa.

They had all the soldiers they needed and the technology to heal them. They just needed the organs.

Hence the "medical draft." And the healthy organs of the young are especially in demand.

I haven't left my apartment in three days. There's a government checkpoint down the road. As soon as I get there, they'll see I don't have a deferment card.

And they'll strap me down and remove whatever organs the patriots in Africa need.

I lost my Draft Deferment Card.

And I heard my eye type is in high demand by the military.

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