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Pairing: Sam x reader Word count: Im on mobile so no idea, but long?
By menoffiction https://menoffiction.tumb...

For Sam

by menoffiction

Pairing: Sam x reader

Word count: Im on mobile so no idea, but long?

Warning: smut, unprotected sex (wrap it up), public smut, dominant reader (mentions of being in control; I know this might be a trigger for some people)


You loved the way his eyes widened ever so slightly when you placed your hand on his thigh.

The slight blush on his cheeks (that he was unsuccessfully trying to hide) made you practically dizzy with pride.

The slow, steady pace you had set moving up and down his tense thigh gave you such a high, you could sit here for hours watching him squirm.

Had this been in the privacy of your own room, Sam wouldn’t be this reserved.

However, currently you were both sharing one side of a booth, in the middle of a semi crowded diner, with Dean sitting on the other side.

You continued your even strokes as Sam gathered himself enough to keep the conversation with Dean as smooth as possible, hoping his brother wouldn’t notice what was happening under the table.

When the food came you could sense Sam relax, thinking you would stop your teasing long enough for you to eat.

As the waitress set your plate down, you moved your hand over Sam’s bulge, rubbing over his hardening cock. He jumped instantly and your smile only grew wider.

“Can’t wait to dig in!” You exclaimed, not necessarily to the waitress but she accepted it, leaving the table with a friendly “enjoy!”

Sam sat silently, barely touching his salad while you tried to explain to Dean that, no, the waitress was not checking him out she was just being friendly.

You looked over at Sam’s flustered face, finally deciding to give him a break and removed your hand from his lap.

He relaxed but you didn’t miss the look of frustration he gave you before giving the salad his full attention.

After y'all finished eating, Dean paid the bill and you decided it was time for Sam to find some relief.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom before we leave.”

You eyed Sam intently. He purposefully didn’t look at you but you could tell he understood.

“Yea me too.” He added.

“Im gonna grab a 6 pack for the motel tonight. Meet you guys at baby in 10.”

Dean walked away and you turned towards the bathroom. You couldn’t hear him but you knew Sam was behind you. Your body was practically buzzing with anticipation.

As soon as the bathroom door shut behind you, Sams hands were on you. He spun you around and hoisted you onto the sink. Just before he could kiss you, you put a finger up to his lips.

“You heard Dean. 10 minutes. We can save the foreplay for later.” You unzipped your jeans, pushing them down passed your knees and then you went to open Sam’s zipper.

When he was finally free, you licked the palm of your hand and stroked his shaft, which you’d done hundreds of times before but his large size never failed to surprise you.

Sam moaned into your neck. He was so worked up you could tell he wouldn’t last long.

“It’s ok, Sammy. This is for you. Don’t hold back.” You whispered into his ear as you guided him into your wet heat.

You were so wet you could have come right there, but this wasn’t about you. This was all for Sam. As much as you loved when Sam dominated you, you knew how much he loved when you took control.

When you would take care of him. And you loved making Sam happy.

However you couldn’t stop yourself from moaning. He always made you feel so full, stretching you to your max.

Once the entire length of his cock was inside of you, he stayed still, waiting for you to give the ok. You grabbed his ass and squeezed yourself around him.

“Fuck me.”

Sam pulled out and thrust back in so fast you saw white. His hands were holding your legs up, gripping you so tight you knew there would be marks on your legs tomorrow.

His pace quickened and you knew it wouldn’t be long now. Your moans grew louder as you clawed his back, willing him to go faster.

“Cum for me, Sam. I want to feel you cum inside me.”

His rhythm faltered. You grabbed a handful of his hair, tugging his head back so you could watch his face as he came with a loud moan. His thrusts were uneven but hard.

The sounds of his moans were mixed with the slap of his balls against your ass. He spilled himself into you and you nearly came at the feeling.

His body went slack against you and you simply held him. His breathing slowed as he became soft inside of you. You ran your hands through his hair, feeling as spent as he did.

“Thank you, Sam.”

He gave a breathy laugh as he lifted himself up. “No… thank you.”

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