FINAL UPDATE-There's a man who comes into my yard at night.
FINAL UPDATE-There's a man who comes into my yard at night. stories

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By PacificNWAgent

FINAL UPDATE-There's a man who comes into my yard at night.

by PacificNWAgent

For the first post go [HERE](

For the 2nd post go [HERE](

I think this whole nightmare is over. Although, I’m not sure if I feel better or not. Let me explain.

I called the police yesterday after telling my girlfriend about this whole thing. I told them about the man coming onto my property in the middle of the night multiple times.

They couldn’t have cared less. I asked them if they could come out and escort this person off of my property and she told me that they didn’t have the resources for that.

I couldn’t believe it. I must’ve yelled “HE’S TRESSPASSING ON MY PROPERTY AND THAT’S AGAINST THE LAW CORRECT?” about ten times.

She eventually hung up on me after saying to call back if he makes a threat or damages my property in any way. I was pissed. But even more, I felt alone.

The police are there to protect and serve and I felt like they just didn’t care.

I decided to take some of the advice I received from you all and called up a couple of friends to take things into my own hands.

My friends came over around midnight and we were playing video games. They were intrigued with the whole thing and I suspect they were also skeptical.

But they made me feel better so I was happy for that. I decided to check the field every hour or so to see if the man was out there.

I went out to check at around 2:30am and saw that he was there walking with the familiar stutter-step walk he had. Step---pause---Step---pause.

I ran back inside and told my friends (my two football buddies) that he was there. We had all decided to not use force if at all possible, but we were prepared for the worse case scenario.

We started into the field and I immediately noticed that the man had noticed us. The strange thing is that this didn’t deter him from him walking.

He looked at us, then would look forward and continue. My two friends were silent at first.

They since have admitted to being very unnerved by his cadence, presence, the whole thing apparently freaked them out. We walked to within about 15-20 feet of the walking man.

I yelled out “Hello sir? Can I help you with something?” He didn’t respond at all. So I continued, “Sir, you’re on private property and you’re trespassing.

” There wasn’t so much as a waiver in his steps. I started to get upset. “Sir, you need to leave my property immediately or I will call the police and you’ll be arrested.

” I, of course, knew this wasn’t true, but was just trying to scare him.

He continued with his walk like he was on a mission or something.

This went on for a little bit and although this man seemed to be pretty tall, my friends and I concluded that we’d be able to take him if he got unruly.

So we walked closer and basically started to escort him to the road by my home. I was behind him with my hand on his back, and my friends flanked him on each side sort of guiding him along.

He didn’t struggle or even seem to care that we were altering his route. He did however continue the cadence….Step---pause---Step---pause.

Slowly, we made our way to the road and I was amazed at how easy it seemed to be going. But then I started thinking….

What about tomorrow or the next day? What if he just keeps coming back?

I knew I didn’t want that to happen so as we guided him to walk down the road I said, “Don’t come back to my property ever again.

I spoke with the police and they assured me that I can use whatever force I deem necessary on my own property if I feel threatened.”

I will never forget what happened next.

With the coordination and elegance of Fred Astaire, the man in one swift move, did a hop-skip,

turned around and tipped his cap and said “Much obliged” He then turned back around and continued down the road away from my home. Step---pause---Step---pause.

We were all stunned. Sort of a, 'Did that just happen' moment. We watched him walk away until we couldn’t see him anymore. I felt such a huge feeling of relief.

I was just glad he was leaving, hopefully for the last time.

I can’t help but wonder what this whole thing was about.

Why MY property? Why in the middle of the night? Why the strange walking cadence? I’m guessing some sort of mental illness but I’ll probably never really know.

Doesn’t matter I guess. I do want to thank all of you who gave advice and support with comments and many private messages. You helped give me the confidence and push I needed to take action.

I’m going to start saving for a better fence.

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