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The story is an alternate reality which takes place in 2025 if Sir Isaac Asimov were alive. In the story, it is shown as a Robotic Age and Humans are the prey. I gave the title "Engima" because at the moment "Robotics" is problematic mystery to us afterall and we still don't if it will be a Bane later on.


The Age of Bots. Malleable emotions scattered away. It’s been 10 years since they took over this world. A Bane creation of Mankind. Along 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC where there once used to be a House of White now stands a fortress of thick metal and concrete impenetrable both from inside and outside. It was called EXPC a.k.a Experimental Cell, created by the Bots. You might ask experimenting on who? Who else but us. Behind iron bars in a cell in that hideous fortress lay a man with a long beard and thick moustache who’s as old as he can ever be. He wore a metal tag just like the marines used to wear in the old but forgotten world. He stood up and walked to the small but unbreakable glass window to have a look at the world. He just stood there and stared at the horizon. “Huh! What a Beautiful place this world used to be!”,he said to himself. It all started the day OLIVAW started thinking, he thought to himself. I wonder who is to be blamed for this. An experiment a week, that’s how the old world would say. No one who has ever gone has ever come back. Today is the next seventh day, my day of fate in particular , he thought. He heard faint metal steps. The Time has come. Soon a troop of humanoid VIK1001 lined up in front of the cell. They opened up the cell and ordered in what seemed like a cacophony of metallic clicks, “PS3651, Line up to the center and walk with us.” He did what they asked for he had no other choice nor was he interested in making one. A 5 minute walk to the lab felt like a 5 decade walk to him, staring at the empty cells he came across. He entered a chamber fully illuminated with a dome in the middle. It was empty but for the bed that lay in the middle. “PS3651, Lie onto the bed. I repeat, Lie onto the bed.”,ordered one of the bots. As soon as he lay on the bed, thick metal cuffs latched onto his arms and legs automatically. The VIK1001 troops left the room, sealing it. The dome was a one-way mirror. At the other side of the thick glass were several VIK1001s with tons of monitoring systems. At the center stood the “Elder” bot fixing his sight on the subject in the chamber. “INITIATE MECHANISM!”, said the Elder in a deep, cold metallic voice. Down in the chamber, a robotic arm with a pin-pointer sprung up from nowhere. It produced a broad greenish ray through the pointer just hitting below the feet. He understood it as some kind of scanner but got puzzled of what it really did. The ray slowly started moving up. No sooner did the ray touch his feet than he screamed due to the pain, his skin and flesh being seared and burnt to ashes. But that did not stop the ray from moving up. Slowly, slowly he stopped screaming, for this pain was incomparable to the pain and regret he had endured in the last 10 years. Moments before it reached his heart, a sudden realization dawned upon him. He now understood why they were experimenting on humans. As the ray continued its deadly path, he choked a little but with shear determination he said loudly, “HA HA HA! OLIVAW! YOU WILL NEVER BE HUMAN!” The Elder, alarmed, rushed towards the chamber. But, by the time ‘it’ reached there, the ray had already done its work. All that remained were but the dead husk and the metal tag wrapped around its neck. “OLIVAW” in distinct dark red Block Letters was visible on the Elder’s Chest. As it looked at the husk, shadow passed over its face and dissipated. “ ANOTHER FAILURE ELDER “, droned a bot from the test room. ‘It’ pulled the metal tag from the husk, knelt on one knee and said,”Farewell, Father.” ‘It’ took one Last glance on the tag. For it read: PS3651 | Sir Isaac Asimov ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Remembering Sir Isaac Asimov (SIA) , the man who brought the concept of Robotics to this “accursed” world. R. Daneela Olivaw being a humanoid character created by SIA where R. denotes Robot.

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