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A fiction by crypticfondness posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Niall yawned as he walked down the hotel hallway with Paul. He was tired because he still wasn't sleeping well.

It had only been three weeks since he had decided to stay in the band and so many things had changed since then. Last week was their last group session.

Michelle and Carrie had both agreed they really didn't need it anymore.

Louis and Zayn had their solo sessions taken down to once a month. Zayn was ready for his to be dropped altogether but Michelle wasn’t ready to let him go.

She was concerned with maintaining his anger management when someone would tell him what to do.

As for Louis, he wasn't ready to stop, he liked having someone to help him sort out his problems that's was the real reason he was still meeting with her once a month.

Both couples therapy sessions were stopped also. Zayn and Liam were doing amazing at being just friends and Louis was joining Harry's solo sessions as needed so keeping theirs didn't make sense.

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