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Dear Sister, here is what I need to say

Dear Sister,

Dear best friend, or should I say ex best friend? You choose. It´s up to you. Totally. Would I even have a say? Doesn´t matter really.

Dear best friend, do you remember? Do you remember how we used to call each other that. And promise never not to. I meant it. And I know you did too.

I did, I called you my best friend for a long time, even when you weren´t anymore. But it wasn´t lying. Because you never lose that place once you got it. Sorry

Do you remember how we would try to fly? Well now we learned, its not as fun as I thought. What about you? Do you like it? Are you sure you used your wings to save fairies and not to kill them.

You were hurting, I didn´t help. How could I have known, even you didn´t. We were too young. Well it all back fired

Sometimes you miss the memories, not the person. Sometimes you don´t miss, you´re just curious.

When you love someone, it kind of opens you up. It let´s that someone touch your heart, not just touch it but do anything with it. Even break it. But why would someone so lovely want to break it

You probably didn´t want to. As kids we couldn´t control what adults did. They could make us do things, believe in things. So I don´t blame you. But now that we are a little older, maybe you could stop. Maybe you could do the right thing. Even if someone tells you not to.

Even if they make it seem really real. You know what is right. So please let me be proud of the promise I once made. The promise, that we will forever be sisters. I want my sister to speak the truth and be a good person.

Sisters fight, but I am here. I am waiting for a message, anything. I have my arms wide open. I love you. I´m waiting. Don´t let many more years role away, it´s already been too long. I don´t need an apology. I know you are sorry


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