Contained Overcome. Too much, Indescribable
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Contained Overcome. Too much, Indescribable

Words do not exist to quantify this raw emotion, It Is Too Much. In this moment, it feels like I will die, I will explode from the inside out, Because it is too much, Too powerful, It is bursting from me.

I cannot contain it.

In this moment, I have never been so overwhelmed, So helpless, So utterly unable to describe how I feel, In this moment.

Intense. I have never felt so . . . . . . Intense before And yet . . .

And yet . . . I have . . . Foreign and unknown, And yet completely familiar. Because I've been on this block before,

I've felt the abandoned houses, Filled with their cobwebs, Their rotting walls, Their holey floors, Their deep dark crevices and corners, Where they hide their horrors and nightmares masked in the shadows of the hollow lives once lived. I've felt them, Closing in from the sides as I watch the skies go black and cloudy,

Watch the ominous birds take flight, As I feel the thunder rumble in the distance, As I feel the pavement crack and the pressure of the atmosphere compressing and crushing from all sides unrelenting and uncaring, As I see ends of the block have elongated and turned to pinpoints As far and unreachable as Andromeda.

It will never stop. I will never escape.

Because It has me, I am contained, Trapped, I cannot contain It, But It has contained me.

Contained me in this open space that is so vast, An expanse that goes on and on, And yet I am not free I cannot move I am trapped I am frozen, I am being crushed, By something which I cannot contain, And yet, It has managed to contain me all the same.

Intense . . . And then . . .


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