Cigarettes during sex
Cigarettes during sex sex stories

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Smoking while having sex, was our thing.

Cigarettes during sex

I liked you because you teased me You are so easy to read I didn't care But now I do You got mad when i didn't think of us as anything But when I did you were quick to shut it down. You are so mean But yet, i am still comfortable with you Because you’re like me

You love sex Hate condoms Protect your heart When you slip, you hope the person doesn't make you regret it But it doesn't matter what they do because you make you regret it We’re our worst enemies and our best friends

We’re afraid of ourselves We hate ourselves We’re so ready to kill ourselves But if anyone disrespects us, we take it sometimes we fight back But even then we still take it We hurt.

We smoke cigs because we want to kill ourselves, we have sex because we know we hurt and it's a momentary satisfaction. We did what we did because we cared about ourselves. The only nice thing we did for each other was passing the cigarette around while we had sex.

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