Celebrity AMAs are ruined by Victoria from Reddit
 Celebrity AMAs are ruined by Victoria from Reddit stories

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Celebrity AMAs are ruined by Victoria from Reddit

by ithinkimtim

**EDIT: [Please read this from the /r/IAmA mods](http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/30ea3g/mod_post_riama_misconceptions/)**


I have no problem with Victoria herself, just the concept of "Victoria from reddit is here helping me out".

To me the entire point of an AMA is having someone of note interact

with this unpredictable medium. Ask Me **Anything**.

It's fun and interesting to see them negotiate the comments, with the potential for them to be reading the most bizarre and funny points of view,

with strange interactions on lower voted comments as well as random replies to far reaching child-comments.

Victoria from Reddit turns the medium into yet another "send in your questions and we'll pick the best to ask this person who is so much better than you".

Instead of interacting directly with someone, there's a filter. A filter who types the same way in every AMA, using *italics* and -laughs- and -umms- which completely takes away from it for me.

Here Victoria says that the Woody Harelson AMA would have turned out differently: https://www.reddit.

com/r/IAmA/comments/2fgsv2/i_am_victoria_from_reddit_amaa/ck91rpw Which shows that comments are being filtered.

That is what made AMAs so great, it's a celeb being talked to directly, and this is more often POSITIVE rather than that negative example.

In essence I think Victoria turns it into a basic interview with fan questions that has been done a million times before. If a brand wants to promote via AMA, jump in and get dirty.

I don't even read AMAs anymore if it's got Victoria doing the typing.

If there's a better way of looking at this , please CMV, I want to enjoy AMAs again without the frustration.


Reason for view change:

I still dislike AMAs with Victoria, and am clearly not the only one. This comes from Victoria creating a difference between the celebs and us average Joes. Of course this isn't always the case.

As it turns out, Victoria will help anyone that fits in her schedule.

So in reality it is just some AMAs (Ludacris as a recent example) that may turn out far more interesting if they had to navigate the website themselves in exchange for publicity.

With a few people commenting with first hand experience, I've decided that because the benefits of Victoria are more heavily weighted by the majority, my post title view has been changed.

Even if I'm stuck hating the AMAs, Victoria doesn't "ruin" them.

Thanks for all the replies!


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