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Girls are capable of anything. Just give us a chance to prove it.

Because We Can

We don’t have to wake up everyday and wear the tight dress, black stilettos and cherry red lipstick

We don’t have to make sure our hair is long and silky smooth for the man who runs his fingers though our hair

We don’t have to walk the streets to be put down and harassed

We are not weak, you did not make us like this. The Lord has given us so much more than we could ever ask for. He gave us a choice.

So we CAN

We are free to wake up, put on a tin top, straight cut jeans, and our glasses And we can

We are free to cut our hair, braid our hair, and put it up out of the harsh winds And we can

We are free to be curvy, skinny, chunky, small, and tall And we can

We are free to walk alone and call out those who put us down, defend ourselves And we can


We get up every day and take it We grab 6 am by the horns and turn it into a dark roast no cream

We go to every clarinet rehearsal, soccer game, and lunch meet We cook the family dinners and fix up the yard

We take the troop to new heights as we climb the rocky mountains We are active in the community council meetings and we stay involved in church

We open our laptops at 7 pm every night as we earn that engineering degree we have been working for We go to bed looking like a mess

And we can

We can do great things us girls

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