"Anglosaxon Street" by Earle Birney
"Anglosaxon Street" by Earle Birney stories

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Dawndrizzle ended / damnpess steams from blotching brick and / blank plasterwaste
By FrostyTheSasquatch https://www.reddit.com/r/...

"Anglosaxon Street" by Earle Birney

by FrostyTheSasquatch

Dawndrizzle ended / damnpess steams from

blotching brick and / blank plasterwaste

Faded housepatterns / hoary and finicky

unfold stuttering / stick like a phonograph

Here is a ghetto / gotten for goyim

O with care denuded / of nigger and kike

No coonsmell rankles / reeks only of cellarrot

Ottar of carexhaust / catcorpse and cookinggrease

Imperial hearts / heave in this haven

Cracks across windows / are welded with slogans

There'll Always Be An England / enhances geraniums

and V's for a Victory / vanquish the housefly

Ho! / with beaning sun / march the bleached beldames

festooned with shopping bags / farded / flatarched

bigthewed Saxonwives / stepping over buttrivers

waddling back wienerladen / to suckle smallfry

Hoy! / with sunslope / shrieking over hydrants

flood from learning hall / the lean fingerlings

Nordic / nobblecheeked / not all clean of nose

leaping Commandowise / into leprous lanes

What! / after whistleblow! / spewed from wheelboat

after daylight doughtiness / dire handplay

in sewertrench or sandpit / some Saxonthegns

Junebrown Jutekings / jawslack for meat

Sit after supper / on smeared doorsteps

not humbly swearing / hatedeeds on Huns

profiteers politicians / pacifists Jews

Then by twobit magic / to muse in movie

unlock picture hoard / or lope to alehall

soaking bleakly / in beer skittleless

Home again to hotbox / and humid husbandhood

in slumbertrough adding / sleepily to Anglekin

Alongside in lanenooks / carling and leman

caterwaul and clip / careless of Saxonry

with moonglow and haste / and a higher heartbeat

Slumbers now slumtrack / unstinks cooling

waiting brief for milkmaid / mornstar and worldrise

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