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a walk through the park

by Khyati

the day had come the day. i had moved to another city so that he couldnt find me. oh how hopeful i was.

i saw this wonderful park on my way back from work. i thought what harm coul there be is she just took a walk in the park

how wrong i was to think that because the moment i stepped

a foot in the park he found me.

i dont know how or why

Why? Why?

as he came near me i felt myself breaking again

he whispered. darling i am sorry but you shouldn't have run. and harshly grabbed my hand and pulled me to his car.

jason please ! Please i begged but he didnt stop

and now after 3 years here i am married to a guy i once called monster with a child on the way. how grateful i was to that

Walk in the park

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