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Chat Transcript 09/17/2012 ---
By gschoppe https://www.reddit.com/r/...

A Modest Proposal

by gschoppe

Chat Transcript 09/17/2012


G: Hey there!

R: Hi, What's up?

G: Marry me?

R: nope

G: :-(

R: Are you gonna do that every time we talk?

G: of course!

R: ha

R: you're funny

G: ...and cute

G: ...and a good cook

R: yes

G: and quite romantic

G: and a good dad

G: and sexy... did I forget sexy?

G: and I have a nice voice

R: Don't forget how modest you are

G: Oh! I forgot that one! I'm the most modest man on earth!

R: that's right!

G: I'm so humble that they tried to crown me king of humility

G: ...only...

G: I was too humble to accept

R: haha!

G: See! I make you laugh!

R: Quite a lot right now, actually :-)

G: Think about it... a life with me would be full of laughter and romance and good food!

R: Are you trying to romance me with this?

G: Hmm, I don't know... is it working?

R: ...

R: I'm starting to think you have a quota to fill.. that you must propose to me at least once every single day

R: you seem to be doing that

G: Well, if you ever say yes, imagine how romantic it would be to tell our children:

G: "He proposed to me every day for 2 years, until I finally said yes, on Sept 17th, 2012!"

R: lol, you wish!

G: *obviously!*

G: The kids will say, "why did you keep asking, Daddy?"

G: And I'll say, "Because, once you meet an angel, you'd be a fool to not do everything on your power to win her heart'

G: Then they'll say, "why did you say yes, mommy?"

R: and just what will I say, in this hypothetical future?

G: You'll say, "I said yes because he told us about this day, with my perfect children and my handsome, romantic husband.

And I knew that was the future I wanted, and now it's come true, more perfect than I could ever imagine."

G: And then I'll kiss you deeply

G: And our children will say "ewww"

G: And it will still be romantic as always

G: Then we'll tuck them in together, and go out to our porch with a glass of wine and watch the stars, wrapped in eachother's arms

R: aww

R: ok, that was seriously cute

G: :-)

R: We also have to put Nanny back in the dog house

R: and make sure the windows are closed.

R: Then it'll be a good night

G: Lol... of course

G: ...

G: Tell the truth, you liked that one even better than my sunset-horseback-picnic-proposal scenario from last week.

R: Oh come on, if I told you you'd never come out of the clouds

G: you have to tell! For Science!

R: nope

R: A girl's gotta keep some secrets

G: Well, it seemed like a perfect future to me :-)

R: You'll just never know :-)

G: I don't know about that, maybe one day you'll say yes

G: and I'll get to live it :-)

R: Perhaps

R: Ask me again tomorrow ;-)

G: of course!

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