#9 from A Far Rockaway of the Heart - Lawrence Ferlinghetti
#9 from A Far Rockaway of the Heart - Lawrence Ferlinghetti stories

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'History is made of the lies of the victors'
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#9 from A Far Rockaway of the Heart - Lawrence Ferlinghetti

by sitsitsitonyou

'History is made

of the lies of the victors'

but you would never dream it

from the covers of the textbooks

nor from the way the victors are portrayed

as super-benevolent altruists

and lovers of the poor and downtrodden

who never had a chance to

rise up and write their own dubious stories

in the mystery we call history

(a river blurred with tears

or a running sea

whose fish change color

when cast upon the beach)

And the feelthy rich

get filthier or richer or whatever

because money really doesn't 'trickle down'

but rises like anything hot

And they keep getting more medals

for bad behavior and for agreeing that Yes

Justice has been done and

the stock market is open to everyone Long live usura

and the jury system is the best ever for

preserving the status quota

And in fact why not have historians who

leave blanks in their writings

to be filled in variously

depending on who's in power

and the computer makes changes easy

And anyway history isn't really history

until it's rewritten

or at least until

it repeats itself

And a lot of genocides and massacres

maybe never really happened

so the record should be corrected

like the Holocaust or the rape of Cuba and Nicaragua

or Cambodia or Timor or you name it

Even though even God can't change

a historical fact

something that's actually happened

like a rape or a kiss

Butt all those natives

in all those Third and Fourth World ghettos

really always wanted to be conquered by

Cortez the prophesied fair-haired god

or by Columbus the great white hope

of Spain and/or Italy

and stolen continents weren't really stolen

but were glorious Christian conquest that

saved those heathen from themselves

Onward Christian Soldiers

And on and on into the sunset

go the histories about how

God was always on our side anyway

and who is more fit to write the story than

the victors themselves who are the fittest

having survived and arrived at the summit

of humanity's blind history

where the prizes are awarded to the fittest

And anyway everyone except Plato knows that

Truth Beauty Goodness are all relative

especially Truth as she is extolled

in the history books Amen oh brother

can you spare a dime?

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