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anominous Be as you wish to seem.
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by anominous

People have asked me why poetry? Why not something else?

What's your purpose or motivation of writing?

My answer......

People say that action's speak louder then words. Which is true, to a point.....

But people on social media (or commaful :) they cant see me. They don't know what I do.

So in that sense actions don't speak louder. But words they can do so much.

They can raise a person up. The power of the smallest of compliments.

They can bring a person down. The power of a just a small comment

They can kill you mentally and emotionally. You words can be that of a two edged sword, be careful how you use them.

Your words are powerful tools.

And someday I want mine to be.

Someday I want someone to come up to me and say because of what you said it changed me.

That's my motivation.

To change the world, one word at a time.

But it's not just for me. You can do it to. Just take one day at a time. And use your words. I have faith in you.

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