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Sincerely, yours, Is what she wrote.

Sincerely yours,

Sincerely, yours,

Is what she wrote.

Before I even spoke,

I never saw her again you see,

Not in the same way at least.

She passed by from time to time,

But I didn't see,

She spoke,

But never to me,

Not willingly.

She only wrote,

When she needed a hand from across the way,

To help her get through,

Her hectic day.

Sincerely yours,

is what she wrote.

I didn’t get to reply,

She was ever so shy,

Awkward at the moment,

Awkward at the end,

At the beginning,

Before I even got to send.

She was gone,

Before my help,

Had even begun,

Before the day was won,

Before the sun had ever shone,

It was too late.

I couldn’t even,

remember the date,

Nevermind the fate,

That bethell her,

And her letter,

That she ever so sincerely, wrote.

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