Uphill Struggle
Uphill Struggle nightmare stories
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Malevolence sometimes only emerges after the event. So it was when my naive trust led to me into danger.

Uphill Struggle

I needed to write this piece to exorcize a ghost and achieve closure. It will help me if you read my report of events.

Beforehand I ask you concentrate for a couple of minutes as I paint the landscape, the setting for my story is everything. You need both the geography and the mood scene I hope to portray.

I chose a country highway for the journey. The idea was my choice might improve on congested multilane roads I'd avoided.

Whilst I remained in a rush the issue was, I wanted to arrive home hassle free.

The rural drive was familiar to me and I loved it from the days the road gave pleasure when I used it without hurrying.

On the occasion I speak of it offered avoidance of the "jammed up" direct route which warning signs promised snails' pace progress.

Okay, I recognized the traffic may become heavier than I remembered. Other drivers were likely to make the same decision as me, but I recalled where slow stuff was passable.

Ahead, another car and I followed a sluggish huge trailer vehicle. But, I remembered where I was and .....

.... knew that after sweeping around a graceful curve there would be a gentle uphill unobstructed for hundreds of yards.

Loads of passing space to move beyond this beast. At the top of the hill the carriageway bent to our blind side. But I had no worries as the incline provided an opportunity for both of our cars to overtake with ease.

The fellow driver up front of me pulled out, and I followed him in our joint enterprise to escape from our hindrance.

The acceleration was thrilling as we moved alongside the slowcoach.

Then we saw an 18-wheeler rounding the bend on the blind side, still no worries we had almost passed the obstruction. ......That's when the guy I trailed lost his impetus.

The incline had beaten his momentum, and he slowed. His accelerator no longer produced the ability to challenge the uphill.

I braked with reluctance whilst contemplating a change of plan to drop back behind my quarry? No, no, no; alternatives had timed out, my only option was overtaking. I was falling back too far!

Having expected this endeavor to be a breeze, it became frighteningly tight. My comrade was just squeaking around the lorry cab with me still trailing him and needing to catch up. The other big vehicle on the downhill had his headlights flashing.

Everything looked bad, even terrible; so, I prayed my comrade's poorly car got better, ..... .... and someone answered that prayer. Suddenly, he surged ahead ......

...... but I feared his recovery was too late. Then, without warning, the tires of the trailer next to me poured with acrid smoke from the driver hitting his brake pedal hard.

The screeching of the brakes joined the blasting of horns. The cacophony deafened me. Everything was scaring me. I was certain I couldn't find enough room to escape the oncoming blaze of lights. My engine screamed as I floored the gas pedal.

I screamed too and didn't even see myself squeak through!

Phew that WAS SO CLOSE! How glad I was the fellow traveler in front could overcome his stalling motor and I felt pleased for him as he stormed away. I took a slower pace to recover my composure.

A few days later. It is bedtime, sleep time. I wish it wasn't because of seeing things, like my companion's rear-view mirror.

I start by reading his mind and he's had a hard day after a rough week. An idiot is tailgating him after he starts to overtake this big truck.

The person behind is responsible for his terrible session at work. As he stares into the mirror, his foot slackens on the accelerator. As hoped, he sees a heavy load heading down the hill.

Although he could pass the lorry alongside him with ease, he hangs back. With a smile he looks again at the disquiet of the driver of the car following him.

Ahead headlights are blinking aggressively, and his grin broadens. When level with the adjacent truck's cab he allows the gradient to slow him further. He plans a precisely timed spurt of speed.

The jerk he hates will plunge headlong into the thundering \headlight flashing monster up front and he smiles into his mirror again.

A burst of acceleration comes at the last minute as intended but hey, the stupid rig with a trailer brakes and wrecks his plan. He watches the pursuing moron tuck in behind him!

"SHIT!" he cries in disappointment.

Two weeks later. Three weeks later. One year later.

As I break into a sweat instead of sleeping, he still smiles a long leering smile and then shouts "SHIT". Because even now he wants me to die, ....

.... and to die horribly.

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