Voiceless abandonment stories

annterrin Speak only if it improves the silence.
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Be seen and not heard for your voice does not matter Get back to your chores and stop all the chatter

My list was so long My job was unjust Berating a child was never a must

The silence was thick It covered the walls Affection was absent I reached for my dolls

Pretend I would play for a happier home A mommy and daddy who never left me alone

Latch key was badge I wore often with pride Pleasing became normal but killed me inside

You left me on Christmas How could I have known That all these years later, you would never come home

By the window I’d look I grieved and I cried I searched the world to find my way back inside

Was the look worth the fight, for it didn’t seem so I asked you to stay, but you wanted to go

Ran away from us all Fine. But you forgot about me You left me to fight You left me no key

Now back in our lives A better grandfather you are Seeing your kindness has healed a few scars

Daddy’s Girl I remain Loving you evermore I only wish to forget, seeing you walk out our door

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