Trophy Wife
Trophy Wife abuse stories

annterrin Speak only if it improves the silence.
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Dehumanized Chattel

Trophy Wife

I left and was broken Still broken I remain But on my hard days I remember the pain

He inflicted it daily, all the verbal abuse You piece of shit woman You piece of shit muse

The watch I once gave with all of my heart Discarded as cheap Not looked at as art

Was my inscription too short My love forever it read I hoped you would wear it until you were dead

Dead on the inside I should have looked closer As you punched me when pregnant and bruised my left shoulder

I never could fathom the man you would be I never could leave I never could see

Others spoke gently They urged me to leave So I rewarded them greatly Cutting their branch from my tree

Family and friends, they fell left and fell right But still standing beside me, the wood for my fight

You’re alone now and dying, with only her by your side Your trophy no more No tears left to cry

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