The Others
The Others  abuse stories

annterrin Speak only if it improves the silence.
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The Others

You smiled big in public and treated others so well But I knew in the quiet you’d cast that dark spell

So nice and showering with false affections and gifts But you tightened the noose until it was stiff

Too stiff to object Too stiff to sit still Alone with your albatross, I’m ordered up hill

He’s running for mayor Oh, what nice guy I should have known, when you couldn't answer my, why

Why, why why!!!! I would scream from my paper cup Pain fell on deaf ears I was never enough

Punishment etched in your ton ame You served seconds and thirds of what more you expected of me

The Violence The Pain You dished out with ease Deep scars on my soul never lessened with ... “please”

My walk in Nahant, a brief moment reprieve Planning an escape Finally planning to leave

On bent knees I would cry I would beg and pray to the God ...

Take this man or take me, for it cannot be both Throw the noose over the beam so I can end all my hope

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