Tales Retold ♥ Snow White
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annsepino fantasy romance, fairy tales, folklore
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The princess awakens from the curse of her evil stepmother, and the prince discovers that all is not lost.

Tales Retold ♥ Snow White

She did not know how he managed to find her. Neither did she know why he'd kept searching. All she knew was that he hadn't given up.

Death claimed her when she bit into the apple. She was then laid to rest on a flower field. She slept beneath the shade of swaying leaves.

They thought she would slumber forever. Not a one ventured to touch her out of fear. But he... he came and dared to challenge fate.

His father had persuaded him to find another. To choose a princess from a foreign land. But he could never replace his dear Snow.

He took her in his arms and kissed her. She tasted life and love upon his lips. Her eyes fluttered open, and she saw his face.

His damp lashes and tear-stained cheeks. His runny nose and gasp of surprise. He'd cried because he thought he'd lost her.

But he was wrong, because she lived. His courage had been rewarded by her return. His loyalty brought her back to his arms.

His long, arduous search had come to an end. All those days scouring the woods were over. He'd found her, and they could go home.

To where her stepmother could not touch them. To where they would be wed at last. Where they could make a family of their own.

Where happily ever after waits for those who keep the faith and truly love.

END Thank you for reading! I'm new here and just getting the hang of things, so sorry if the format's a little too simple. I wanted to try this site out and see if it fits better with my daily schedule. Hope you're having a lovely day! ♥ Ann Sepino annsepino.mystrikingly.com

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