Tales Retold šŸ–¤ Beauty
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annsepino fantasy romance, fairy tales, folklore
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A poetic retelling of de Villeneuve's Beauty and the Beast. Can a girl who stumbles upon an enchanted castle break the curse of its prince?

Tales Retold šŸ–¤ Beauty

Tales Retold šŸ–¤ Beauty A special thank you to Riya (@ri) for requesting Beauty and the Beast.

Tales Retold šŸ–¤ Beauty

He was the forsaken beast of the land.

His servants acceded to every command.

No soul could deny each furious demand.

Nobody alive did try understand

or gather the courage to reach for his hand.

Then she, of all people, wandered inside

the magical castle where he loved to hide.

She showed him again to more than survive

and made him feel cherished, blessed and alive,

restored his diligence, good manners and pride.

The days they spent walking under the sun

felt even more special than all previous ones.

And when the night came, when dinner was done

she danced in his arms, to music they spun.

Her happiness filled every inch of his lungs.

When she started dreaming due to the spell

of a mystical prince, or so she did tell

he thought she would leave a hearty farewell.

He selflessly freed his mademoiselle

though he must remain in an enchanted hell.

But as the last petal fell from the rose,

She entered the doorway, went up on her toes.

She broke his curse by the kisses she chose

to give him for all the times he'd proposed.

She told him she loved him, his secret she'd known.

The forgotten beast, a prince now and then

did marry his princess, beloved best friend

he'd promised to treasure, hold and defend.

And theirs was a tale told time and again.

They lived happily ever after. The end.

END Thank you for reading! Please feel free to check out the other stories included in the Tales Retold series. šŸ–¤ Ann Sepino (annsepino.mystrikingly.com)

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