Surface šŸŒ¢ Solace
Surface šŸŒ¢ Solace poetry stories
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annsepino fantasy romance, fairy tales, folklore
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A poem that describes depression. Most medical and psychological sources agree that it's a condition which can never be completely cured and has a high chance of recurrence.

Surface šŸŒ¢ Solace

Surface šŸŒ¢ Solace Disclaimer: This series' aim is not to romanticize mental health issues or gain sympathy, but to bring more awareness to the subject.

Surface šŸŒ¢ Solace Disclaimer: Furthermore, it's an attempt to encourage others to express their emotions through writing.

Surface šŸŒ¢ Solace

We take our solace from the day's sweet parting

for darkness then is not half as alarming

as what most people think extremely charming:

this mask donned with the coming of the dawn.

A tainted soul with bleeding heart forever.

We take our laughter from our dreams of amber:

this soft repose all that the world can offer

when all the pretense of the day is gone.

When sadness comes it never leaves our body.

All color fades, what burned our eyes now shoddy.

What others see as nothing but sweet folly

are battle scars that weary souls have worn.

The trivial truths, they grow into a tempest.

A silent weeping's what we fight the hardest:

this quiet cry, chained lock-and-key, immodest.

This silent scream we mask as gentle song.

We bend and break and burn through vicious cycle.

Hold fast, careening in one boundless circle:

a falling, rising, never-ending tumble,

and still we act as if there's nothing wrong.

We take our solace from a fading vision

of smiles and futures: blurry, with no mission.

Steps faltering and graceless, sans precision.

A pantomime to last our whole lives long.

END Thank you for reading. This poem is a revision of the one I contributed for last year's World Mental Health Day. I just changed the title and a few words. šŸŒ¢ Ann Sepino (

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