Surface šŸŒ¢ Beating
Surface šŸŒ¢ Beating poetry stories
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annsepino fantasy romance, fairy tales, folklore
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Written in June 2019, after discovering Senryuu Shojo. Reading the manga significantly reduced my depressive episodes.

Surface šŸŒ¢ Beating

Surface šŸŒ¢ Beating Disclaimer: This series' aim is not to romanticize mental health issues or gain sympathy, but to bring more awareness to the subject.

Surface šŸŒ¢ Beating Disclaimer: Furthermore, it's an attempt to encourage others to express their emotions through writing.

Surface šŸŒ¢ Beating

My heart is but a shattered mess

with scars

with scars and holes

with scars and holes and burns,

yet it remains a-beating for

the lover that it yearns.

But if it ceases to believe

that you exist for me,

that you're within my paltry reach,


what use

what use will

what use will beating

what use will beating be?

END Thank you for reading. On another note, remember that self-love is important. Learning to love yourself comes before trying to love anybody else. šŸŒ¢ Ann Sepino (

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