The Yellow Bird: 2009
The Yellow Bird: 2009 stories
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An AU in which Sara was found on Lian Yu before Oliver. Chapter 1

The Yellow Bird: 2009

Chapter 1: 2009

"Tonight's top story: Sara Lance, a resident of Starling City has been found in the North China Sea after disappearing almost three years ago.

The now 22-year-old vanished after going aboard the Queen's Gambit with Oliver Queen, the son of the CEO of Queen Consolidated, Robert Queen, both of whom remain missing and are presumed dead,"

A girl of about twenty-two sat on the hospital bed, looking out into the Starling City skyline. Quentin exhaled, silently praying that this wasn't a dream.

"She was half-starved when they found her," the doctor had told him. "There's a high chance that she's suffering from PTSD. I should warn you, Detective Lance.

The Sara you lost may not be the one they found,"

It had two years of agony, cursing the brat who had stolen both of his daughter's hearts, drinking to numb the pain, and pushing away the people who loved him.

Dinah left him, and he was terrified of the day when Laurel would get fed up with his crap and leave him too. But there had always been that small, desperate hope in his heart.

The hope that his little girl had made it out. And the hope that maybe, somehow, he could somehow go back to the way things used to be.

Slowly, he opened the door. It was almost impossible to find the strength to speak, but finally, shakily, he managed to whisper: "Sara?"

The girl turned her head, and instantly, he knew that the Sara he had lost had been the one they had found. "Daddy," she replied, giving a weak smile.

Quentin wasn't very good with emotions, but with Sara, he could always tell.

It was the first look he had ever seen in her eyes, the one he remembered from the day she was born, and the first time that he held her in his arms.

It was the look in her eyes when she was scared, when she needed somebody to tell her that everything would be okay.

He ran to the bed and embraced her in the biggest hug he could give. Within the next heartbeat, she wrapped her arms around him too.

And just like that day, she started to cry, and he held her as tight as he could, trying to soothe her.

But soon, he couldn't contain the overwhelming wave of emotions that was surging up within him, and he broke down too.

"I missed you so much, baby," he whispered. "Oh, thank God,"

Other than the day his daughters were born, this was, without a doubt, the happiest day of his life.

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