Can't Forgive

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It's something I acknowledge quite a bit, My inability to forgive.

Can't Forgive

It's something I acknowledge quite a bit, my inability to forgive.

I think of why every single day, I'll remember and I'll never forget.

I'll never understand, all those choices,

And you made the one that kept me away. 11 years

And you never thought of me, it letters, no calls, no answers

You've moved on from me my sisters by your side, and a new little brother for me.

but I'll never know his name.

I was 6 years old and I waited for the call, your call.

I waited and waited for years

Until I finally stopped

I was stupid to believe that you loved me, that you'd come and get me one day

You made me build walls around my heart

I don't know what love is because of you

I called you mom once

But now I don't even know your name

Sometimes I ask myself... Why should I still call you my mom? Why.

When you were so quick to send me away, all those choices, but you sent my away

It's no wonder, that now I can't find it within me to forgive you.

I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm not.

I hate you...

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