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annchan 19 years old. Poetry, Music, Aesthetic.
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Hello How have you been?



How have you been?

My old best friend

It has been days, weeks, months since we have been this intimate

I missed you.

I would say I found better friends.

But then I wouldn't be sitting here

At 4am on a school day

looking at you.

I've been alright.

But I miss something.

There is something with my life right now

that misses.

I miss that small space behind my ear that always aches

I miss that small sting.

That small voice that tells me i should just walk away

Dont get me wrong, im happy.

But I miss this.

Our conversations.

at 4am on a school day.

I miss crying at night.

I miss feeling sad and knowing it is okay to be sad because I'm a sad person.

Nowadays I am a happy person

so it is just not okay to cry.

i miss the days it felt okay to be a sad person.

i hate being around people

and being a ''happy'' person.

I hate having people around.

I dont trust people

i miss having the moon as only friend

at least the moon wont betray me

the moon was always there for me

shining bright to light me up.

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