A Letter to the Non-Vulnerable
A Letter to the Non-Vulnerable vulnerability stories

annaymous Thoughts of a Latina woman in her 20's,
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To the vulnerable: stay strong
To the non-vulnerable: be strong

A Letter to the Non-Vulnerable

Today is March 29th 2020, it's 2:43pm to be exact. I'm drinking ginger tea with a spice of cinnamon and staring out my window located in the midtown area of the city.

Sounds peaceful, right? Man I wish it was. And it could be if it weren't for the voices circulating and pouting inside my head.

You know I really don't understand why it's so hard to get them to shut up. I've lived with them my 23 years of life and for some damn reason I can't get them to shut up.

But you'll never know that. You'll never know because all you'll ever see is a brown haired, brown eyed, slim, smiley, funny, strong girl.

One who wishes to show her vulnerability to the world but instead finds herself writing this short story in a website where no one will know who she is.

Because though she knows, she can't find the courage to be vulnerable, because of those damn voices. But now she will be a hypocrite and ask you to never be her.

Because vulnerability is one of the most powerful characteristics you can have in this Universe. And it'll make you stronger than the strong. Be vulnerable.

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