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annamartinez Community member
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Pull back the covers, Turn off the lights,


Pull back the covers, Turn off the lights, Close your eyes Don't make a fuss. Let the night take you, Leave your body behind, Take a deep breath...

Now open your eyes... Do you see anything? Can you feel? Are you alone?

Look around, take a second Let the darkness set. There is something there, Far off in the distance... Is it a person or a thing?

I can't walk closer, I can't seem to move... I'm stuck where I am... Is it my fault? Am I the one to blame? I'm left here alone, No one can hear my screams... I beg for help, mercy, salvation...

No one comes looking for me, Does anyone miss me? Will anyone remember me? The darkness gets deeper, I can't see in front of me. I can't feel my limbs, Its getting hard to breathe...

Maybe if I close my eyes, Stand still.... It'll be over soon. There's nothing left, I am no more...

Did I ever exist? Was this ever real...

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