Weeping Willow
Weeping Willow alone stories
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annalouisebecke aspiring poet
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one of my best poems i wrote this a while ago but i have just joined commaful and decided to share it, enjoy.

Weeping Willow

Wings of a swan, broken in two. nowhere to go, nothing to do. her broken wings in tow, waddling down a dusty road. "Save me" she wailed "im in pain," still nobody came.

Tears began to flood the street, waves began to form, does no one else see the storm. Willow is drowning, willow is scared hear her struggling gasps for air, why does no one seem to care.

Down, down, down she goes still nobody knows. one last breath, one last tear she knows death is near. floating away darling swan, im afraid to say she's gone.

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