I would change everything
I would change everything  stories

annalilasusonI'm16, sweet, pretty,and single,write me
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A loving and sad poem,
Sometimes people do this but make it worse instead

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I would change everything

My days are growing shorter

I push you away so it would be easier for you

Because you do not know what is going to happen to me

I tried to make it better for you by leaving

You did not know but my days are growing shorter

This is why I pushed you away but now I wish I didn't do it

Even though I love you I pushed you away so you wouldn't have that heart breaking to live with

I know I made the wrong choice

So if you hear me please come back before I go

So please let me make it up to you You are perfect

It was all me

My worries and knowing

Kept me apart from people

Now you know why

Not because I didn't like you

Because I wanted you to be free from what was coming

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