The Old House
The Old House ghost stories

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There's an old house that people say is haunted and not even the teens from the nearby town go in until one day someone musters up the courage to go inside.


The Old House

I've wandered through the walls of this house for years. I know every inch, every crack in the cold stone walls. I know every shattered window and how it was broken.

But all this time the house has been silent. There's no one here but me. Until one day, I notice that the front door is open.

I look for the person responsible, finally finding them in the living room.

"Hello?" I ask. The person who I now see is a young lady, almost jumps off of the dusty old couch where she'd been sitting.

"Don't be scared," I respond. "My name is Lillian."

"I'm Ella," she replies. "Are you a ghost?" She asks her voice filled with wonder.

"Yes, I am," I chuckle. "May I ask why you came to this house?"

"People have always said this house was haunted and I need some help." She says her pale face turning grim.

"What do you need?" I inquire.

"What did you do when everyone around you left? This year I lost my family, and I miss them." She droops and some of her long blonde ringlets fall in front of her saddened face.

"Just remember," I tell her. "That they are never truly gone."

"Thank you, Lillian," she says standing up and I can see brightness returning to her blue eyes.

B"Will you come back again?" I ask. "I've missed having someone to talk to."

"I would love to," She replies. After that Ella came back every week and we talked even after she got married and had kids.

We would talk even after her golden curls turned gray and her pale skin became wrinkled. We would always meet in this old house with crumbling walls, broken windows, and dusty old furniture.

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