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annabelolol I’m new to this and I love writing 🤪💕
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what does it mean to be normal?


My name is Genny Taylor. There isn’t much else to say. Except the fact that my sister died, my boyfriend broke up with me and I’m best friends with a spider...I guess things are pretty normal.

But what is normal? It’s a majority type thing. If everyone eats spinach then it’s normal for people to eat spinach.

But even if two people eat something it’s still more than one person but what if there’s just one person. What if only one person eats spinach? Then apparently their strange. And I hated that.

Until I met Lynna.

My sister died when I was thirteen. We were running through the woods and she had a heart attack. It’s honestly that simple.

When she died I ignored everything and everyone and stopped interacting with anyone. My boyfriend cheated on me because “I didn’t give him enough attention.

” But we all know the real reason was because Tira Bullstrode was the hottest girl in school and was a good person to make him feel good about himself with.

Then my friends said they didn’t like me and I was lonely.

Then there is Lynna. She interesting human. She’s nice. But she’s half spider. Her whole upper body is like a spiders. She lives on my street.

Every time I saw her I used to run and scream but now I see her in a different way. A real person in pain. And she helped me a lot.

And maybe being strange isn’t that bad bacause Lynna is strange too. It’s normal. Isn’t it strange?

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