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anna_martinhill Just a pen for the bigger pictures.
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All of my colors

The Colors

Anna Martin-Hill

My colors are like little puppets And I am their puppet master Whatever I want What ever I need They will do as I say

Little red-violet The first in my bunch Filled with hatred Filled with disgust Willing to do anything for just a moment of attention

Next is the soft light blue Oh how precious and sweet How submissive and subservient Caring for everyone, no matter who

Then the grey Dull, boring, emotionless His eyes as dead as stone Cold, deceitful Not caring about anyone but himself

The black Calculated Logical No one stands a chance between his intelligence

The vibrant orange A usually happy color Judgmental, self-conscious Staring at everyone and everything with disgust

A bright green Happy, polite, and positive The only good in the bunch He keeps everyone safe and sane With positive outlooks on life

Dark blue Worthless, useless, forgetful Why even bother with this one? Seeking approval and attention From everyone around him

And the newest addition, emerald green The love that bonds the world together As if nothing could go wrong As if this world wasn’t a living hell

My colors are like little puppets I throw them around like toys Once I’m done I’ll throw them away And find something else to play with

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