Cries for Help
Cries for Help depression stories

anna_martinhill Just a pen for the bigger pictures.
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A short little thing I wrote.

Cries for Help

Anna Martin-Hill

She subtly cries for help But no one ever noticed She screams in pain on the inside But no one seems to care

All of her friends can’t help her They’re worse than her inside Of couse, that’s what she thinks To excuse herself from anyone getting near To be all alone

But she hates the loneliness It kills her on the inside She hates so much She found eight new friends All right from her mind

Her eight new friends They care for her deeply Why would they? For they’re her own

Just a delusion That’s all they are And she’s just delusional They don’t exist Only in her world, they do

But she doesn’t care They exist in her life They will be there for her And never betray her They are better than her human friends

Her human friends What she doesn’t know is that they care for her Deeply—Very, very deeply But of course, they can’t help If she hides behind her veil of lies

But maybe she does know Maybe she knows her friends care Maybe she knows her eight friends aren’t real Maybe she knows she’ll get better

But maybe she doesn’t want to

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