Cry of the Soul
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A poem of resilience, rising up and above

Cry of the Soul

Tearing, ripping at my flesh, shredding Until there is nothing left but blood and bone They come back for that too - until - nothing There is nothing left - they are gone and I no longer exist

It is dark and still – wait - they left a piece, a tiny almost nothing piece A seed, they left a tiny seed Soaked in blood not water, it matters little – tiny, struggling, fragile

In my nothingness, I send it thought – I send it love

My tears fall and life pushes forth, a small but bright light in the darkness Born out of blood, tears, and a great nothingness – it pushes onward and upward

Three tendrils of energy and light and love – spiral together, twisting, dancing Faster and faster, the dance goes onward and upward

I hitch a ride and am no longer nothing – I am something, sharing energy and light and form

My roots grow deeply, securely – into the darkness below while the rest is propelled forward, upward – into the light.

Return for me if you dare, you won’t find me – I no longer exist In your haste to destroy me, you have set me free

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