The vampire
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anna033 Can you hear my voice ?
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Do you believe in vampires ? If not it is time to change that and read about a new kind of these creatures.

The vampire

One step, took the creature of the night

fast, yet silent

One touch, grabbed me tight

Made escaping just a thought

One bite, stopped the warmth in my heart

Only a bite, sucked the happiness that was left

Damaged the optimist me, the"me" who used to be bright

Broke the world i used to live in, turned it to dust

Gloomy thoughts built my new world and grey was the paint

Fear crushed my soul and cowardice found its way to my spirit

This transformation took forever, or that's how it felt

How long will it last?

If the bite wasn't from the bloodsucker

But from a vampire called depression, how long do i still need to fight ?

(Ps : to those who are suffering from "depression" and have not yet seen a doctor , there is nothing wrong with asking for assistance so seek help .

And remember you don't want to end your life you just want the pain to end so please don't harm yourself )

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